Healing Water:

since 1989, the spa has qualified medicinal water, which is sodium hydrogen carbonate and chloride.


Therapy water can be managed effectively:

  • rheumatic, knee-hip-spine joint disorders
  • gynecological diseases
  • nervous system complaints



It is advisable to use our medicinal water as a cure. Everybody feels its effect after 8-10 times. It is recommended to stay in the recommended spa water for 8-12 minutes, then rest for half an hour. For children under the age of 14, medicinal water is not recommended.


How Do Medicinal Waters Affect?

It is a complex effect. Physical properties of water – temperature, flow, buoyancy, etc. – In addition, the chemical effect of minerals dissolved in water is also present. These substances can be absorbed through the skin in the body while the body releases substances into the water. When bathing, the substances dissolved in the vapors above the water surface are inhaled. In the case of a drinking cure, the medicinal water has a chemical effect similar to that of the medications.
It is very important that, due to the analgesic effect of most medicinal waters, we can stop the use of chemical drugs during and after the bath cure, or significantly reduce their dose.
Warm water baths cause blood clots, spasmodic muscles, tendons and ribbons to relax, improving mobility.
It is a proven fact that those suffering from chronic locomotor disorder are spending significantly less on sick leave in the following year, using a spa treatment.
Very important! The spa only cures the use of a tap. Bathing has a pleasant effect, but we can only talk about healing after a cure. The spa cures the nervous system, contributing to the elimination of chronic complaints.
Medicinal waters are indicated for insomnia, exhaustion, symptoms of nervousness, so to preserve our health!

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